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Flood Relief New South Wales and Queensland, Australia

Assistance for New South Wales and Queensland.

Recent on-going torrential rains have triggered severe flooding for NSW and south-east QLD which have caused devastating human and environmental impacts.

The emotional distress caused by the floods were felt among thousands of Australians impacted directly and indirectly as families can be seen carrying children and pets fleeing the disaster, being stranded on rooftops or trapped in their homes. Farmers were also severely impacted as their livestock were swept away and machinery destroyed by the floods. Defined as one of Australia’s worst flood disasters, these floods have caused the separation of families, the loss of human lives, endangerment of wildlife and damages to vital infrastructure, properties and businesses.

The communities of Lismore, Balina and Hawkesbury Nepean River must now face the momentous task of rebuilding their homes and lives.

Please join us to lend a hand to these communities by donating. These flood-affected regions urgently need your help.

Every contribution counts and your generosity will be lifesaving.

All donations will be registered and are tax-deductible. Thank you for your solidarity and support.

Bank account name: Truc Lam Zen Inc

BSB: 112879

Account Number: 491508529

Ref: Flood Relief

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